Sextodécimo Kaléndas Mártii. Luna. The Fourteenth Day of February. The Night of the Moon. 

Romæ, via Flamínia, natális sancti Valentíni, Presbyteri et Mártyris, qui, post multa sanitátum et doctrínæ insígnia, fústibus cæsus et decollátus est, sub Cláudio Cǽsare. At Rome, on the Flaminian Way, in the time of Emperor Claudius, the birthday of St. Valentine, priest and martyr, who after having cured and instructed many persons, was beaten with clubs and beheaded.

Ibídem deposítio sancti Cyrílli, Epíscopi et Confessóris; qui, una cum sancto Methódio, simíliter Epíscopo et fratre suo, cujus dies natális octávo Idus Aprílis recensétur, multas Slávicas gentes earúmque Reges ad fidem Christi perdúxit. Horum tamen Sanctórum festívitas Nonis Júlii celebrátur. In the same place, St. Cyril, bishop, who together with his brother Methodius, also a bishop, whose birthday is the 6th of April, brought many people and the rulers of Moravia to the faith of Christ. Their feast is celebrated on the 7th of July.
Item Romæ sanctórum Mártyrum Vitális, Felículæ et Zenónis. Also at Rome, the holy martyrs Vitalis, Felicula and Zeno.

Iterámnæ sancti Valentíni, Epíscopi et Mártyris, qui, post diútinam cædem mancipátus custódiæ, et, cum superári non posset, tandem, médiæ noctis siléntio ejéctus de cárcere, decollátus est, jussu Præfécti urbis Plácidi. At Teramo, St. Valentine, bishop and martyr, who was scourged, committed to prison, and, because he remained unshaken in his faith, was taken out of his dungeon in the dead of night and beheaded by order of Placidus, prefect of the city.
Alexandríæ sanctórum Mártyrum Cyriónis, Presbyteri, Bassiáni Lectóris, Agathónis Exorcístæ, et Móysis; qui omnes, igne combústi, evolavérunt ad cælum. At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Cyrion, priest; Bassian, lector; Agatho, exorcist; and Moses, who perished in the flames and took their flight to heaven.
Interámnæ sanctórum Próculi, Ephébi et Apollónii Mártyrum, qui, cum ad sancti Valentíni corpus vigílias ágerent, Leóntii Consuláris jussu comprehénsi sunt, et gládio cæsi. At Teramo, the holy martyrs Proculus, Ephebus, and Apollonius, who, while keeping watch at the body of St. Valentine, were arrested and put to the sword by command of the consular officer, Leontius.
Alexandríæ sanctórum Mártyrum Bassi, Antónii et Protólici, qui demérsi sunt in mare. At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Bassus, Anthony, and Protolicus, who were drowned in the sea.
Item Alexandríæ sanctórum Dionysii et Ammónii decollatórum. Also at Alexandria, the Saints Denis and Ammonius, who were beheaded.

Neápoli, in Campánia, sancti Nostriáni Epíscopi, qui in cathólica fide contra hæréticam pravitátem tuénda éxstitit insígnis. At Naples, in Campania, St. Nostrian, bishop, who was outstanding for his defence of the Catholic faith against heretical errors.

Ravénnæ sancti Eleuchádii, Epíscopi et Confessóris. At Ravenna, St. Eleuchadius, bishop and confessor.
In Bithynia sancti Auxéntii Abbátis. In Bithynia, St. Auxentius, abbot.

Apud Surréntum sancti Antoníni Abbátis, qui e monastério Cassinénsi, a Longobárdis devastáto, in solitúdinem ejúsdem urbis secéssit; ibíque, sanctitáte célebris, obdormívit in Dómino. Ipsíus corpus multis quotídie miráculis, et præsértim in energúmenis liberándis effúlget. At Sorrento, St. Anthony, abbot, who, when the monastery of Monte Cassino was devastated by the Lombards, withdrew into a solitude of the neighbourhood, where, celebrated for his holiness, he went calmly to his repose in God. His body is daily glorified by many miracles, especially by the deliverance of possessed persons.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

February XIV.
St. Valentine, Priest and Martyr
St. Maro, Abbot
St. Abraames, Bishop of Carres
St. Auxentius, Hermit
St. Conran, Bishop of Orkney, Confessor

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